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Welcome to the online player's online manual. This use guide provides a comprehensive overview and detailed descriptions of technical features.

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Thank you for receiving the communication playback program.This online user guide aims to give you all the information you need to start exploring and creating contacts.

We hope you enjoy!

Welcome to Player Contact (1)

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What is communication player?

The Contact Player is an application that hosts all the tools based on all parent organs as well as the third -party products manufactured for the platform.Player Contact is designed to share inspirational sounds and instruments with our users.This free version of the contact comes with 50 instruments and a 500 MB audio library and provides access to a comprehensive collection of instruments and libraries from creators around the world.

Contact contact with contact

Player Contact is a free contact -based test player.The player focuses on the most important aspects of efficiency and processing of the sound engine, while the contact provides full access to construction and processing tools that form the basis of all contact tools.The differences between the player and the full version of the contact include:

Instrument processing:

The full version of the contact provides additional instrument and routing settings, including results, filters, configuration and origin units.


Unsaturated libraries and some third parties are incompatible with contacts and require full version of the contact.Example of Third Party Libraries.


The full version of the contact contains instrument creation tools that allow you to create your own contact instruments.For more information, seeKSP reference manual.


Some contacts -functions are available to the player for 15 minutes in demonstration mode indicatedDemonstrationText in the interface.Use the demonstration feature to explore these additional tools and go deeper into the world of contacts.To find out more about contact, visitContact 6.


Proceed into contact

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Document contracts

In this document, the following formatting is used to point out useful information:


Indicates routes for locations on your hard drive or other storage devices


It highlights important names, concepts, and software interface objects.

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Key reports on the computer keyboard

The following three icons represent different types of information:

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Thelight bulbThe icon indicates a useful advice, suggestion or interesting event.


TheInformationThe icon highlights important information that is important for the given frame.


ThewarningYour icon warns you of serious problems and potential risks that require your full attention.


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